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  • Joris
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Very friendly service and good quality products. Definitely recommend!

  • Tomas Knippenborg
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Net bedrijf snelle levering, top leveancier ,mooie producten.

  • Silke
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    I ordered an Acapulco chair made of leather, the leather is stained and frayed, the lacquer very uneven and spotty. When I asked for the chair to be exchanged for one without defects under warranty, I was only offered the option of returning the chair and paying the shipping costs. This does not even comply with the legal requirements. I received no reply to further inquiries. I would not order from Silla again.

    Antwoord van Silla Acapulco

    Dear Silke,

    We are very sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your purchase. We received your photos and concluded that the chair is in good shape. The paint is texturised for more durability and offers a chair that is more resistant to scratches. The leather cords are mode from a natural product which can sometimes show some irregularities. These irregularities are actually valued by most of our customers since it shows the chairs are handmade of natural materials and not some mass produced product. We always check all our chairs before shipping and we did not see any defects.
    That being said, we understand that some clients simply have different expectations. Therefore you can always return the chair to us. As clearly mentioned in our return policy online, if the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, the cost of return shipping will be borne by the consumer. This is completely conform the legal requirement. As you may understand the actual shipping costs for these chairs are higher than the price we ask our clients. We therefore cannot offer free return shipping.
    Also we have always replied to your emails and requests. You were clear that you wanted to return the chair free of charge, which is something we cannot offer. There is nothing else we can do to help.
    Furthermore you already purchased the chair with a 25% discount, so we also cannot offer an additional discount to compensate for your efforts to return the chair.
    If you eventually change your mind and you decide to return the chair we will gladly refund your order.
    Our advise is though to keep the chair, since you have purchased a beautiful product for a very reasonable price. So far we have never received any complaints about this product.

    Kind regards,

    Joris (Founder Silla Acapulco)

  • Harriet
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Love our new chairs, they are so comfy and look fab!

    Antwoord van Silla Acapulco

    Thank you Harriet for your review! We hope you will enjoy them many years!

  • ...
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco


  • Martin Scheichl
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Alles wie beschrieben

  • Miguel Molins Jimenez
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Gran servicio al cliente

  • Gudrun Meyer
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Super Stuhl. Geniale Farbe. Flotte Lieferung

  • Ulrich Julius Jassniger
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Supernett und freundlich, nur die Liefertermine sind etwas vage.

  • Ute Renköwitz
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Es war nicht mein erster Kauf bei Silla Acapulco. Schnelle Lieferung, Stuhl gut verpackt ohne zusätzliches Plastik. Und natürlich wunderschöner stabiler Stuhl.

  • Catherine Caduff
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Alles perfekt! Schnelle Lieferung, sorgfältig verpackt, tolle Stühle!

  • Sylvie jolly
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    excellent service, livraison rapide, très contente du produit.

  • Reimund Ulrich
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    wie immer top!

  • CCC
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Los ratoncitos que pedí han ido perfectos. Tengo sillas nuevas de nuevo.

  • Anne-Marie Atkins
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Great!! Thank you 😊

  • Hilde Van Gysel
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Zeer vlotte communicatie!

    Antwoord van Silla Acapulco

    Dank voor je review!

  • Stefan Mayer
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    sehr schön!

  • Antonio Gaspar
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Livraison parfaite, produits conformes à mes attentes, ils viennent compléter mes autres produits de la même gamme

  • Annemarie Känel
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Alles hat top geklappt, von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung. Schnelle Lieferung. DANKE.

  • Adri S
    Geverifieerde klant van Silla Acapulco

    Après une erreur d’envoi, le service après vente m’a renvoyé le bon article.
    Le nouveau colis contenait bien le produit attendu. Ce dernier est conforme à mes attentes.

    Antwoord van Silla Acapulco

    Cher Adrien,

    Nos excuses pour l'erreur.
    Nous expédierons les nouveaux capuchons de protection blancs aujourd'hui.
    J'espère qu'ils arriveront bientôt.

    Nous vous serions reconnaissants de bien vouloir supprimer votre avis 1 étoile. C'est très préjudiciable à notre activité.
    Les erreurs sont humaines et nous enverrons bien sûr les bonnes.

    Nous avons également répondu à votre Whatsapp, mais pas le même jour. Veuillez comprendre que nous recevons parfois de nombreux courriels et demandes, auxquels nous ne pouvons pas toujours répondre le même jour.

    Merci pour votre collaboration et votre compréhension.