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Regarding display ratings according to the selected language.

DWQA QuestionsCategorie: AlgemeenRegarding display ratings according to the selected language.
Gerrike asked 1 jaar ago
Hope you are doing good.
I have one query regarding the rating to show differences on the bases of language.
Like the user selects the English language then it displays only reviews from the English language or if the open website in other language then it display ratings in that language.
For now, it shows nl ratings in every language. 
Here is my website where it shows the
For now, it shows all the reviews in the language. 
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Ismail Akhan Staf answered 1 jaar ago
Hi Gerrike,   Sorry the reviews are not yet displayed in the correct language. I noticed that the Dutch page is called up when the widget is clicked.   It seems that the Dutch widget code was used for the review pages in other languages. You can find the correct code by logging into the WWK Dashboard > Promotion > Widget > Change Language > choose layout of the widget > copy code in the lower right corner. You can then place the code on the pages.   You can also have the sidebar displayed in different languages by going to Promotion > Sidebar > Multilingualism > Base the language on the 'lang' attribute in the <HTML> tag. For example, visitors from the French website will arrive at the French Valuedshops page through the sidebar.   I hope this will get you further. I'd love to hear if you have any more questions about it.
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