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Regarding get rating on prestashop website.

DWQA QuestionsCategorie: AlgemeenRegarding get rating on prestashop website.
Anuj developer asked 1 jaar ago
Hope you are doing fine, I have one query about getting the rating on my website. Like reviews submitted and I want to get the reviews with the getting method and I will implement the functionality mentioned in the doc.
But my concern is about displaying it on my PrestaShop website. I want to create the CMS page and get the 20 latest reviews to show on the cms page. Could you please let me know if there is any option to display the api data in Prestashop CMS pages?
Use a GET request to receive a list of date-sorted (newest on top) ratings.
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caleni Staf answered 1 jaar ago
Goodmorning Anuj, Good to ask about this! It is possible, but you have to develop this yourself. You will have to build your own module in Prestashop to get the rating from our API the and display them in Presta.

Good luck ^^ 
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