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  • Wijnand Van Breda
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    snelle levering

  • Rien den Boer
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    High value for money, fast delivery.

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  • Dirk de Gouw
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Good delivery times and fine support

    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Delivery of the industrial camera was very quick, providing that you pay the express tax. Excellent communication and service.

  • Ian Murphy
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Prompt responses to our many questions. A good selection of cameras despite shortages elsewhere in the industry and we have been able to specify some of these cameras to keep projects moving forward. We continue to buy from Get-Cameras regularly.

  • Walter Kleijweg
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Fijn contact met klantvriendelijkheid

  • Franco Cheli
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    The camera I bought didn't have the features described in the manual. The support said there was a mistake in the manual... That was really bad, had to make a return.

    Antwoord van GeT Cameras

    Dear Franco, so sorry for the mistake in the manual. This specific USB3 camera indeed did not have the FrameTriggerWait signal at this moment but it will be released in a few months. The version with GigE does have that feature but the framerate was not fast enough for you. Therefore we offered you to return the camera and we will give you the money back. I noticed the camera is already on the way back to us, so as soon as we receive the camera, we will give you the money back. I hope for your understanding.

    Kind regards, the customer service team.

  • Pamie Annamalay
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Thank you for assisting in this crisis, your action is appreciated.

  • Florian Wurzel
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Fast delivery, good support.

  • Erik Toussaint
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Goede service. Camera met aangepaste behuizing ko

  • Jeff Gough
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    When purchasing the camera I checked that the software supports Linux, and was told that was the case. I explained that I was looking the the highest possible frame rate, and Gabriella was very helpful - we selected a unit that would be capable of capturing frames at over 800FPS in my application.

    Unfortunately it turns out that the Galaxy Viewer tool, when running in Linux, lacks a plugin that is required for capturing sequential frames - there is only a button one can click to capture a single frame manually - next to useless in a machine vision context.

    I got in touch with Gabriella, who sold me the camera, and Timo in technical support, and they advised that the only solution is to write my own software around the Python or C++ SDK. They directed me to some Python examples, but they are naiively contrived and can only read data up to around 5FPS, even on my powerful computer, and after I optimised the code a bit. I also looked at the Aravis framework, which was able to successfully test the camera at 800FPS, but it still requires some custom software to to actually capture frames to disk.

    I bought this camera to validate the operation of a mechanical device for my customer. I am an electronic engineer and product design consultant, not a professional software engineer. I can write some C and some Python, but it's not my main business and it usually takes me a while.

    Unfortunately I don't have the time in this project for custom software development, so I have had to drop the imaging part of the project entirely.

    The camera is now a £600 white elephant in the corner of my lab. Less than two weeks after purchase I asked about a return for refund, and was advised that it would not be possible.

    Hopefully when I have some time I will be able to write some code to use the camera.

    I would advise other Linux users to avoid the Daheng cameras. There are other cameras on the market that are UVC compliant, and plug directly into the Video4Linux system without any drivers. I should have bought one of them, but it would have taken over a month to arrive so I took the chance on the Genicam protocol.

    I suggest you tell prospective customers that need Linux support that your cameras don't have it, and they need to have the resources to write their own software around the Aravis libraries. They seem to be the best developed.


    Antwoord van GeT Cameras

    One more thing, our cameras work perfectly under Linux. We have many customers using it with Nvidia boards like the Nvidia TX2, Nano and Xavier. But also boards like the Raspberry Pi or normal PC's running linux. Fact is that with our Linux SDK, you have a free example program to show an image (liveview) and change parameters, but the free program doesn't include additional features, like storing images. Our customers have full access to all features of the camera when they write their own software that connects to our SDK and normally write their own algorithms and storing of the data. Instead of our SDK you can also use a general Genicam driver like Aravis.

    Anyway, if you do image processing, a genicam camera, like ours is the perfect choice, if you do video recording, a UVC camera might be a better choice, but you can still make it work with a genicam camera like ours.

  • Tracy Matthews
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Good Communication and Customer Service

  • Alex Kern
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Fast delivery!
    Quick responses to change requests and quick updates!

  • Jos Moons
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Good advice, good pricing and fast delivery

  • Matthias Puhr
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Sehr guter Kundenservice

  • Merwan Birem
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Fast delivery, and nice customer service

  • Husain
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Good Pricing & Fast service, Co-operative & Active staff!

  • Benjamin ROUX
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Fast delivery and easy to use SDK

  • Ho-Bin Lee
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Excellent and fast service! Thanks a lot!

  • Alexander Brock
    Geverifieerde klant van GeT Cameras

    Schnelle Lieferung, schnelle Antworten auf Nachfragen.