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  • Giacomo Martelli
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Fast delivery.

  • Istvan Horvath
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Costumer service with fast reaction

  • Hoe beoordeel je

    Hoe beoordeel je deze webwinkel?
  • Matic Petrovič
    Geverifieerde klant van

    easy ordering, fast delivary

  • Benjamín A. Santamaría Fojaco
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  • Davis Celmals
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Fast delivery

  • Ralfs
    Geverifieerde klant van

    All good, but the package got sent to postNL because noone was home and I wrote to leave it at door or in a bush if noone is home

  • Sebastian Broman
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Delivered early, was kept informed throughout delivery. Arrived in perfect condition.

  • Nathalie Gossart
    Geverifieerde klant van

    I've ordered 5 liquid culture (golden teacher, Colombian, cambodian and two mazatapec)
    Quite fast delivery but for start really disappointed for the number of micelium visible in each bottle really few for the price was really little when we know it cost nothing and really easy to multiplicate it but anyway still enough to do a liquid culture.
    3 was great and I've got beautiful micelium but the two bottles of mazatapec were contaminated.
    Try to explain that to the team, they ask me to do again the process I've followed and take pictures (take bit of time) to at the end told me you don't have laboratory is your fault (I explained that in my first email but I suppose they like make people lost time ) and they just want me to ordered grow kit because they making big dollars with
    So if you get any contamination guys is your fault you are all losers for them and cannot do stuff properly because you don't have laboratory
    Hope that help you to know with who you will deal.

    Antwoord van

    He Nathalie,

    Thank you for your edited review.

    As mentioned by email;

    - We’ve looked up the batch number and no other customers had these problems.
    - We’ve checked your pictures, which look decent but not exclude a contamination.
    - Experimenting in a kitchen is not a clean environment.

    We offered you a personal discount for you to use.

    Sorry to that you're still not satisfied.

    Our apologies.

    Kind regards,

  • Lincis
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Ordered seeds and rolling papers and they gave me a pipe for free. That's all i have to say.

  • John W. Allen
    Review voor

    Because I believe your company is providing good products to the public and I am interested in featuring your products of shroomy things in the next issue of my journal, Ethnomycological Journals: Sacred Mushroom Studies Vol. XI. A Pictorial on the Brief History of the Cultivation, Marketing, and Packaging of Psilocybian Fungi.. John W. Allen, Prakitsin Sihanonth, PH.D, Jochen Gartz, Ph.D., Billy McPherson (PF), and Simon Metke. I have been researching psilocybian fungi for 44 years. I also notice that some of your products are races of species I brought to the mushroom community and you carry some strains that originated with me, Friends of mine have informed me that they had purchased your products in Smart Shoppes and head shops in Amsterdam, Utrecht and other locations in the Netherlands and they were very pleased with the truffles, and a few purchased your grow kits and were very satisfied with the quality and amount of fresh mushrooms they harvested in such a short time. While I am almost 80-years old, I no longer grow mushrooms, but I brought to the west, numerous strains of Psilocybe cubensis that I and some friends developed from my spore prints, the Pink Buffalo. the Ban Hua Thanon, the Ban Lipa Yai, the Koh Samui Super Strain, the Ban Thurian Strain, The Orissa India Strain, The Wavy Capped Orissa India Strain, The Cambodian (Angkor Wat) Strain, The Malaysian Strain. Some of those strains are grown in the Netherlands. I also created some great Copelandia species as well from Burma, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Hawaii. I thank you for the contributions that the McSmart truffles and grow kits have given tens of thousands of shroom loving customers the satisfaction they sought because your products were worth their time and investments.
    John W. Allen

    Geverifieerde klant van

    goede service door jullie, en snelle levering. de pakketdienst deed wel vrij lang over de bezorging. De handleiding in het pakket is niet de juiste

  • Enola Lopes
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Everything went fine ! Great delivery, no moisture or anything! I was so happy when I found enormous shroom growing!! I recommend greatly, and yes the Hawaiian are very powerful :D

  • Alberto Stefanelli
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Very fast shipment and good communication

  • M. Zelman
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Nice overall experience. The delivery took a bit longer than expected though.

  • Leif Poulsen
    Geverifieerde klant van

    very precis delivery

  • Andrei Slabu
    Geverifieerde klant van

    It's nice

  • Casper Albers
    Geverifieerde klant van

    goeie service en mooi product

    Antwoord van

    Beste Casper,

    Bedankt voor je bericht.

    Het ziet er naar uit de je jouw huisnummer niet hebt ingevuld bij de bestelling. Wij hebben je een email gestuurd met de oplossing. 😃

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Team Smartific

  • Milan
    Geverifieerde klant van

    All is fine, orders handled fast. Had two orders so far. It would be nice if could choose different courier than UPS.

  • liesbeth crabbé
    Geverifieerde klant van

    super snel

  • Sebastian Vargek
    Geverifieerde klant van

    Fast delivery