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Those who would want an real “Amsterdam experience” cannot go past the Tatanka smartshop. Tatanka is a Native American Indian word for buffalo, a totem animal with the ability to guide people towards a strong and independent spirit.

And in fact, that’s precisely the mission of Tatanka Smartshop! It’s not for nothing that an atmosphere of openness and tolerance is keenly felt in our shop full of natural products. Whether you are looking for fresh magic truffles for an intense, euphoric experience, liquid-xtc for an energy boost, or herbs to intensify your sex life: Tatanka has it!
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  • Ridda Hussain
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Always deliver good shit

  • Maya Mircheva
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    all was great

  • Hoe beoordeel je Tatanka.nl?

    Hoe beoordeel je deze webwinkel?
  • Jurijs Zamotkins
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Nothing written on parcel, had to answer several questions...said that I got motorcycle parts :)

  • Robert Gannon
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Excellent quality product, great speedy service and delivery. Only critique is that payment screen goes to Dutch and can be a bit off putting. But overall highly recommend!

  • Ats
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Good service, always delivers. No issues encountered.

  • Lukasz Markowski
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Grow kit I first received was already contaminated . After sending pictures to tatanka that it was bad from the beggining, they had send me a new one. Fully reccomend :D

    Antwoord van Tatanka.nl

    He Lukasz,

    Thank you for your review.

    We can see that you have an open ticket with our helpdesk. We're happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Team Tatanka

  • Mamadou bohye Balde
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Great service

  • Gini
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    Fast delivery:)

  • Mike
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    I felt no effects from this mcmicrodose product. I even tried taking 5 grams at once to see what happens, and it did nothing. Very dissappointed.
    I have another box of mcmicrodose and will attempt a different protocol
    Im hopeful that the dragons dynamite has a better result

    Antwoord van Tatanka.nl

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your review.

    Microdosing with Magic Truffles is a delicate process. Finding the right amount and continuity are the most important when starting a microding session. Also please check: https://www.mcsmarttruffles.com/microdosing/ Here you will find the best ways to microdose.

    If you have any questions, please contact us on: info@tatanka.nl

    Kind regards,


  • Steven Russell
    Geverifieerde klant van Tatanka.nl

    💯Always a good experience.

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