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Nandu Software maakt software kopen eenvoudiger en goedkoper.
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  • Hendrik Kerkdijk
    Review voor Nandu Software

    Duidelijke uitleg, snelle levering, uitstekende ervaring via e-mail en telefoon
    Goede beschrijving op de site hoe het een en andere geinstalleerd moet worden.

  • WZK
    Review voor Nandu Software

    I bought a new Microsoft Office 365 Personal (download). Valid for 12 (twelve) months. Somehow upon installing this product it was converted to a Microsoft Office 365 HOME version. Subsequently the duration of the license is only 9 (nine) months. Why is not explained.

    Spoke to a MS helpdesk person: Sorry you need to go back to the 3rd party official licensed RESELLER of MS products. Nandu Software tells me: sorry you made a mistake with the installation. Contact Microsoft Office.

    Called Microsoft Office Amsterdam: they tell me there is no problem with the installation but our official RESELLER made a mistake or has send you the wrong product key.

    Again contacted the official RESELLER and he replied the following: "Je hebt de licentiecode die wij hebben geleverd ingeruild voor iets anders, dat staat buiten ons." (You have entered the license code we provided and changed / exchanged it for something different and this is not our problem.

    Well this is exactly the problem: The RESELLER provided a license code with instructions that were indeed followed. Only somehow this code was not for a Microsoft Office 365 Personal license but for a Microsoft Office 365 HOME license hence the fact that this was recognized by MS during the installation and activated as such.

    The worst thing is the fact that the RESELLER is not taking any ownership for this oversight and simply accuses me as the end user that I "changed / exchanged" the license code for "Something else".

    Both the international help desk as well as the help desk in Amsterdam claim that the license code provided is not what I purchased (and written proof was provided for this) and therefore the RESELLER is responsible for providing a solution which they clearly were not willing to do.

    Long story short: Do not buy from this company even though they are a licensed RESELLER of MS products because they refuse to assist you once things go wrong.

    All this happend within 24 hours after I purchased this product!

    So much for consumer protection!

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  • TR
    Review voor Nandu Software

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  • H. Corba
    Review voor Nandu Software

    Bij diverse vragen word je meteen goed geholpen. Bestelling binnen 30 seconden de licentie in de mail, en duidelijke factuur. Toppie

  • Gert-Jan Bos
    Review voor Nandu Software

    No nonsense, duidelijk, snel en ook nog de goedkoopste!

  • Lennart
    Review voor Nandu Software

    Vlot en foutloos bestelproces. Geen gebruik hoeven maken van nazorg of garantie.

  • Wim
    Review voor Nandu Software

    niks mis mee