Submit a dispute

submit dispute
How to submit a dispute

Too bad to hear that you have a dispute with a member of us. The first step in trying to solve a dispute with a member of our trust mark is clear communication with the store itself. By reporting your complaint and proposing a solution, the store has the possibility to come up with a suitable solution.Can’t you come to a solution with the store? Then it is possible to switch to the dispute mediation from WebwinkelKeur. We will try to mediate independently in order to find a solution.


Dispute resolution via the quality mark

Can’t get it out together? Then you can enable WebwinkelKeur. Go through the following steps:

  • Search the webshop in our member list.
  • When you found the webshop, click on it. A new page will open.
    • If the page is in Dutch, please switch to English. You can do that at the upper right-hand side.
  • Scroll down and click on “Mediation available” and then “Submit Dispute”.
  • Then complete the form to make your complaint known.

We will then apply independent mediation to find a suitable solution.


What comes next?

When you report a dispute the online store receives a message along with the opportunity to find a fitting solution within seven days. When the store isn’t able to do so, then WebwinkelKeur will mediate after these seven days. The mediation will be done based on the Dutch Law.

While the mediation is going on we will hopefully find a solution together with you and the online store. When even a solution can’t be found despite our intervention, then WebwinkelKeur provides an independent arbitration committee in collaboration with DigiDispuut. This committee deals with disputes and develops a binding decision. This prevents legal costs for both sides.

For dispute mediation you need to follow these steps:

  1. Communicate your complaint to the store and ask for a fitting solution.
  2. Can’t you find a fitting solution with the online store after seven days? Then you can ask WebwinkelKeur for mediation.
  3. When even we can’t find a solution between you and the online store then the complaint can be forwarded to DigiDispuut. DigiDispuut develops a binding decision.