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Changing Webhosting / URL

DWQA QuestionsCategorie: WebwinkelKeur hulpChanging Webhosting / URL
Gary Willmott asked 4 jaar ago

We are changing our webhosting in the next day or two, and in the process changing our URL to be more relevant to the Dutch customer.
Currently we have (not sure why you added en…. is correct )
We will be moving to (and Dutch will be the default language). This is active now already.
Can you amend the URL in our profile to reflect this please?
Many thanks




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caleni Staf answered 4 jaar ago
Hi Gary, I've changed the URL. Do you want to check it again? Is't the content of the webshop changed? Otherwise we will have to re-examine your shop. I'd like to hear about it. Kind regards, Caleni Geerdink

Gary Willmott answered 4 jaar ago
Hi Caleni,   I updated the privacy policy (using your template) as we have changed web host / store provider   But product / content remains the same (everything has just been copied over)   Regards   Gary
caleni Staf answered 4 jaar ago
Hi Gary,

Thanks for your reaction. Then a re-examination is not needed. 

Have a nice day.



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