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Cooperation stopped?

DWQA QuestionsCategorie: Praat meeCooperation stopped?
Dmytro asked 4 weken ago


after many years of cooperation, our account was unexpectedly stopped. There was one invoice that we excitedly missed because thought that there is incasso payments and everything is charged automatically. At the same time got some strange robot calls from juridisch services that sounded like a fraud, so we didn't pay attention to that ones. After getting one more email from that service I checked our account and noticed that it is blocked. I paid immediately and put inscasso payments for the future, however, our account is still blocked. Can you please get in touch with me asap? The account is on email

Kind Regards,

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caleni Staf answered 4 weken ago

Good afternoon Dmytro,

Good of you to email. I can imagine that you can miss a payment. I see that by now everything has been paid with us. There is only one outstanding invoice at IncassoJuristen. When you can prove that this has also been paid, I will register your webshop with us again immediately so that we can restore membership.

I look forward to receiving your mail.

With kind regards,


Dmytro answered 4 weken ago

Dear Celeni,

Is it possible to avoid penalties due to our long term cooperation and also the fact that I already have chosen incasso payment to avoid such confusion in the future? Hope you can cooperate and we can continue working together without any sour feelings. 

Kind Regards,




caleni Staf answered 4 weken ago

Hi Dmytro,

I understand that it is not nice to receive additional charges. Unfortunately, several steps have already been taken for this and they have already provided services. So unfortunately these charges cannot be undone.

Hopefully after these are paid we can continue on good terms.

Kind regards,

Dmytro answered 3 weken ago

Hi Celeni,

I have paid invoice to incasso juristen. Can my account be unblocked again? 

Kind Regards,


caleni Staf answered 3 weken ago

Hi Dmytro,

As we can see, it still isn't paid. Can you said me some proof to 

Thanks in advance!

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