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Claudia Pon asked 4 weken ago

hallo why in getting many factures ?

is not the payment every 3 months ?

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Marc Staf answered 4 weken ago

Hi Claudia,

A good thing you ask, yes normally you get an invoice every 3 months. The extra invoices you got are for the package upgrade and the product reviews.


Claudia Pon answered 4 weken ago

Yes but, now i cancel the upgrade because i dont have any review yet.  About the reviewas it was just a prove time and i forgot to block it. opS!

Marc Staf answered 4 weken ago

You can't downgrade once you have upgraded, you have to wait for the next invoice period. I'll ask the administration to cancel the invoice of the product reviews.

Marc Staf answered 4 weken ago

Returning to the package. You currently have 1 outstanding invoice (for the PRO-package), but you currently have the START-package.

Which package do you want to continue with? If you want to let me know, we will make sure you get an invoice for that package and credit the other invoice.

Please don't switch packages again after this and stay with the package you currently choose.

Claudia Pon answered 2 weken ago

Hello Marc, Thanks for the reply.  I will like to have the start-package, and also cancel the package of google reviews temporaly, because i need to have some reviews first.

Thanks for your help, 



Marc Staf answered 2 weken ago

Hi Claudia,

You have the START-package and Google Seller Rating is already deactivated.

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